Email Processing Jobs 4 Cash Review

Email Processing Jobs System? Is it Real?

The Email Processing Jobs 4 Cash System is a membership site where people earn $25 as an affiliate. This is not an MLM, Pyramid or get rich quick scheme. The customer is buying a membership to the email processing jobs system. The buyer makes a one time payment directly to the referring affiliate of $25. Again this is not an MLM and it is a legitimate way for people to earn money as an affiliate.

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The reason they are paying for a membership fee is because with Email Processing Jobs, they will get immediate back office access to all of the pre-written ads so that they can place classified ads and earn money online as an affiliate and have resale rights to earn 100% commission.

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As an Email Processing System member, they also get access to the EPS support staff to help them with their marketing if they need it. The Email Processing System tells you to post on Craigslist 3 ads a day between 7am-10am central because that’s the busiest time to advertise. When people sign up, you’ll get a PayPal notification that they sent you $25, you then just send them a reply back with the info on how to get started. Its a short email. You get paid $25 for every email you process (which means someone went to your site and signed up for $25. You manually process an email to them with info on how to start. That’s all AND it’s international, as long as they have a PayPal account.

You can get more information here:

Does The Email Processing Jobs System Have
Real Value?

Have you ever paid for training, education, information, or a membership?

The product includes membership, training, ad copy, resell rights to the Email Processing System….

It’s direct sale… not mlm, ponzi, pyramid or scam… AND it’s 100% in compliance with Paypal.

I would personally pay the $25 for the Mike Hobbs Craigslist training video alone… but that’s me. I have been marketing on Craigslist for some time and find any Craigslist training helpful. I also find the ad copy helpful since most of it I can also use to place ads for Empower Network or World Wide Work Force which I am a member of.

My friend found the Craigslist training valuable since he can apply it to his car parts delivery business… most of his marketing is on Craigslist.

As an affiliate of Email Processing System, I have resell rights to earn 100% commission. As a member, I also get access to the EPS support staff to help with marketing if needed.

I am not trying to do anything illegal or shady in any way. I had my questions, but the PayPal Brand Risk Management Department agrees that they are in compliance, so I continued with it. And I haven’t had any negative comments from my referrals. I’ve had great feedback from people I referred who have also made money with this system.

Here is a screenshot of my Paypal account showing proof of my results:

Email Processing System

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I made $200 my first two weeks with this program. The person who referred me made $500 their first week, and the person who referred her made over $1200 in 3 days. You won’t get rich with this system, but it can help pay the bills!


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